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eXp Realty’s mantra is “agent success obsessed,” which means it is laser-focused on helping agents and brokers succeed professionally

and grow financially.

The eXp Model Explained By Brent Gove:

Former #1 Remax Agent in California & #11 In The World.

Brent Is Now With eXp Realty:

eXp Agent Ownership Revenue Share Explained.

This Is Powerful!

Whenever an eXp agent brings a new agent into eXp, they are “sponsoring” that agent and can receive revenue share income from the future sales activity of that sponsored agent. To be clear: eXp pays that share — not the new agent.

Play Around With The eXp Revenue Share Calculator Below.

Revenue Share Calculator


This Revenue Share Calculator is NOT an official calculator supplied by eXp Realty, nor was it designed or approved in an official capacity for eXp Realty or eXp World Holdings. This calculator has been verified for its accuracy based on the current eXp Realty Revenue Share Program. However, this Calculator is NOT a promise of earnings by eXp Realty or a promise by the person that gave you the URL. It is simply to give you an idea of the kind of revenue share that is possible. This calculator is merely for your enjoyment only. Special Note: Many eXp Realty agents are doing extremely well financially from this one of a kind revenue share model. However, a large number of eXp Agents do not even take full advantage of the revenue share opportunity and merely join the company for its many other benefits.

Revenue Estimates

Recruting Estimates

Level How many agents will
1 you personally introduce
2 your new agents introduce
3 those new agents introduce
4 those new agents introduce
5 those new agents introduce
6 those new agents introduce
7 those new agents introduce

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Whether you’re just getting started or actively growing your real estate business,

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Growing Your Listing & Buyer Business

Growing Your Agent Ownership Business

12 Ways eXp is different than a traditional brokerage

Undercover Billionaire Grant Cardone

Calls eXp A “No – Brainer”

What eXp Agents Say About Growth Opportunities:


#14 All-Time Keller Williams Profit

Share Earner:

Rob Flick

Former (6) Location Keller Williams Franchise Owner.  #1 eXp Revenue Share Earner:


Gene Frederick

Why Jay Kinder (former #2 Coldwell

Banker Agent in the Nation) came to

eXp Realty

Rick Geha (former owner of 7 Keller

Williams Franchises and TOP



eXp Realty is leading the way to create the best possible real estate brokerage model and place that empowers agents to succeed.

Everyone has a vested interest in the success of the company, as each agent becomes a shareholder in eXp after selling their first home.

eXp agents receive unprecedented training and support and are able to collaborate and learn from professionals around the country in our virtual office.

More Testimonials:

About Us

Garrett Nann & Kevin Snow

After 5+ years of building a Rental

Portfolio, Flipping Homes, Listing

Houses & Coaching, we can honestly

say that eXp Realty is the FUTURE of

Real Estate & it’s changed our

business and our lives. 

Kevin is also a founding member of National Property Group where he actively acquires a portfolio of high-performing real estate assets. Kevin is an experienced contractor owning a highly-rated painting company in Central New Jersey. As a contractor, Kevin saw firsthand how to properly buy and manage real estate projects while being a preferred contractor for some of the country’s largest real estate developers.

Garrett is a founding member of the National Property Group and actively markets to acquire properties at deep discounts. Garrett is the Co-owner of a highly rated marketing company that services contractors throughout the country. After working to grow the business of several Real Estate Developers, Garrett started working on acquiring similar properties at deep discounts.

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